Monday, 2 May 2016

Oats Smoothie

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Oats smoothie is one of the wonderful n diet recipes by my sis in law!!


Oats                       4 tbsp
Yogurt                   4 tbsp
Honey                   To taste
Dry fruit                1/2 tbsp (Crushed)
Any fruit                1/2 cup (e.g. Banana/Apple/Strawberry)
Milk                       4 tbsp


Blend all the above ingredients in the blender and pour into the glass. Sprinkle some nuts/chopped fruits on top & enjoy the wonderful smoothie!!

Thanku for stopping by! Hope u enjoy this recipe :)


  1. This a great post! I enjoyed reading it.

    I think this article could complement your post.

    Good luck with your future piece :)

  2. Very healthy recipe!! Sounds tasty too :)

  3. Oh WOW !This look really delicious and nutritious. Thanks for posting this recipe and sharing it with all of us here. I am sure this tastes great also. Keep it up.

  4. Amazing blog and very interesting stuff you got here! I definitely learned a lot from reading through some of your earlier posts as well and decided to drop a comment on this one!

  5. Some great recipe and a quite small one at that as the beauty of this post lies in it being concise. Thank you for sharing

  6. nice cuisine recipe, I must try this one

  7. I have never thought of an oats smoothie. I bet the fiber content makes it filling with the added health benefits of yogurt and fruits. I will try this. Thanks! :)

  8. Looks tasty, I hope it will better when made in Man chatti

  9. I like your blog thanks for sharing it have look at Cold Pressed Oil


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