Tuesday, 10 September 2013

No Bake Cold Cake

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In this busy world of today no one wants long and time consuming dishes to cook. Cold cake is a super easy no bake dessert & tastes bit like a chocolate cake and there is no need to bake it for hours. When I had it for the first time I could barely believe that it has not been baked. Lol. It is something that kids will love to have. Its not much of a recipe. Just few ingredients, basically digestive/Marrie biscuits go into its recipe. Go ahead! Do try it!! Add some chopped nuts to add to its richness. This cold cake is something u will wish to make again and again. It has a fabulous look with a unique taste & checkerboard appearance. Here is its recipe. Happy cooking :)


Unsalted Butter                                                4 tbsp. melted

Sugar                                                                5-8 tbsp.
Eggs                                                                 2 lightly beaten
Cocoa Powder                                                  1 tbsp.
Marie biscuit                                                    1 packet crushed into small pc.
Vanilla Essence                                                Optional


           Mix all the above ingredients in a small pan except biscuits and keep it in a pan bit larger than it and filled with water. Keep heat on low flame and cook for 15 - 20 minutes until a smooth paste is formed. Keep stirring at intervals.

           Cool the paste and mix crushed Marie biscuits in it, Put it on a plastic bag or a polythene bag and fold the mixture in it gently like a toffee :) you can bind both ends. Make the pack air tight. Freeze it for 5-6 hours and when ready cut the biggg toffee into 1 inch small pieces as shown. And serve cold :))


  1. Yeah that my mom used to make.. :) Thanks for sharing..

  2. Want to make it from long time! but never sure of taste :) Will try sometime!! U got lovely blog and fb page Following u now!! If ur free do go thru my blog! would be glad if u follow me back
    http://sweets-n-spices.blogspot.in/ Stay in Touch :)

    1. thanku for ur comments! sure :) ill go thru ur blog!

  3. Looks very yummy and also very interesting recipe.. Thank you for linking it to the WTML event...
    Waiting for more yummy recipes from you.

  4. Hi how much water will i need go make this

    1. Dear, u have to fill it according to the small pan's size. Appox. half of the small pan gets immersed in it.

  5. Hi, Can this make without adding eggs....

    1. No, My dear it wont be the same, as how the biscuits will stick together?? :)


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