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Mashed Potato Flat Bread (Aalo ka paratha)

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They say breakfast should be the heaviest meal of the day, giving u a boost of energy at the very start of a day. If u wanna follow these nutritionists “Paratha” is the best thing to have in the morning.  Fried Chapatis or flat bread called Paratha in urdu. No breakfast in the South Asian countries is considered tasty and healthy enough without a Paratha. It can be made of wheat flour / white flour or mixture of both. You can have it with any side dish u want, or with simple omelette, tea/ Pickle. So if u want any change from normal routine try this!! :) Traditionally it is made from ghee, but oil can also be used. Mostly fried flat breads/parathas are eaten plain, but modifications can be made and improvised depending upon taste and choices. I have already discussed various varieties like Radish filled Chapati & Mustard filled parathas :) here's a new type of paratha ur hubby and family will definitely love to have - potato chapati : Aalo ka paratha in urdu. It is extremely yummy. Here is the recipe:


Spicy Potato filling:

Potatoes                                                 1/2 kg (5-6 small) boiled, peeled & mashed

Green Chilli                                             2 chopped
Salt                                                         1/2 tsp.
Red chilli Powder                                    1/2 tsp.
Lemon Juice                                            1 tsp.
Chilli Flakes                                             Few
Cumin powder                                         1/2 tsp.
Garlic paste                                              1/2 tsp.
Chopped Coriander                                 3 tbsp.
Onion                                                      1 chopped & saute in 1 tbsp. oil
Vinegar                                                    Few drops
Black pepper                                            1/2 tsp

Aaloo ka paratha| Mashed boiled potatoes| Onion

Mix all the above ingredients properly and set aside.

Ingredients for dough:

Whole flour                                             3 cups
Water (Luke warm)                                as required
Salt                                                        Pinch 


First of all knead the dough as for chapatis & divide the dough into 2 small balls/peras for one paratha like this:

Aaloo ka paratha| Dough| peras| balls

Then roll out 2 of the peras/ balls into 2 small circles like this:

Aaloo ka paratha| Chapati

Then put some mixture on the rolled out dough like this:

Aaalo ka paratha

Cover the filled circle with second rolled out pera / ball and gently press the circle from all sides to seal the filling in between. Roll it out gently into the required size & place on heated flat pan/tawa like this :

Aalo ka paratha (Mashed Potato Bread)

Then place 2-3 tbsp oil on the paratha and flip the paratha onto the other side after a minute or so. Let the paratha on tava/ pan for more minutes until it turns out golden,yummy & crispy. Drain on tissue/paper.


  1. Will taste delicious I guess

  2. aloo parathas looks simply yumm....thank you so much for linking this to daily recipes event.

  3. wow, i'd never would have imagined that

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