Friday, 28 November 2014

Tip # 13 - Important tip for storing eggs!

Kitchen tips| Haffa's Kitchen tips| How to store eggs?

This tip is not mostly followed by people around us due to ignorance.. Suddenly one day I realized I wasn't following it too :O Let's see what is it..

Kitchen tips| Haffa's Kitchen tips| How to store eggs?

Actually there are different concepts about it. It is believed that washing eggs washes off the bloom (protective coating on the egg) & hence introduce bacteria into the eggs. But this is true only if u wash the eggs with cold water. So, its really important to wash them with WARM water.. as warm water pushes the microbes from inside to outside. Some other ways u can follow are to keep the eggs in ziplock plastic bags to prevent all the bacteria from coming in contact with other food. Take caree!! =)

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  1. Great tip, even i didn't know

  2. Great tip, Haffa! I never really thought about it. I guess it's also a good idea because sometimes people handle the eggs to make sure none are broken. I know I do! Thank you so much for sharing and thanks for dropping by my blog. I found you on Pinterest and now I'm off to find you on Twitter:)

    1. Hi lousie! Thanks hun.. Following u back =) So glad to talk to u :* On twitter my username is haffabexi

  3. wow haffa this is truly a wonderful idea of storing eggs :) thanks for sharing dear


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