Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Meat Lovers Month ~ Beginning of HM Besties Event # 1

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This is the first time I & Monu Teena of  Recipes Passion are hosting a combine event :) I am so excited to announce "HM Besties Event Series" by us. Actually this is our kind of event! We don't have any idea how this HOST system of blogging is all about.. so we thought of hosting it in our own way lol... In our 1st event, Monu will be hosting this event, I will be her sweet partner lollll! And vice versa in the next event to be held in Nov IA :)
As the Islamic festival "Eid ul Azha" is near, and its all about the meat - Beef, Mutton, Camel & Lamb meat!!! So we have decided to keep the theme of our event about meat! We will call our event as "Meat Lovers Month"Aim of this event is to share some healthy, finger licking and attractive recipes that Moms will love to search as Eid is near :) Soooo.. Lets beginnn =) Hope we get a good response :)

Happyy Eid from both of us to all our readers & followers =)

Now lets discuss some RULES :)

This Event runs from 1st October to 31st October :)

* U have to link the recipes related to "Meat" only! Anything in which the ingredient meat is used - Mutton, Beef, Lamb, camel.. U can link :) No chicken or sea food.. Please! :)

* All the entries must be linked to my this Event Announcement page - Meat Lovers Monthand Monu's Announcement Page with the post entry. This is COMPULSORY. Entry posted without our Announcement page link won't be accepted.

* Use of logo is not mandatory, but recommended :)

* Entries shouldn't exceed more then 10, At least one new entry is preferable :)

* No compulsion of race, religion or country is applied for participation. Any one can participate :)

* Non- bloggers can also participate. All u have to do is to just send me ur Name, Recipe & its pic to Monu's email ID -

* Follow me & Monu on facebook at Haffa's Kitchen Other social networks of me are (Twitter, Pinterest, GFC) & of Monu are (Twitter, Pinterest, GFC).

* 3 winners will be selected with the most attractive recipes by me & Monu lol :)  Believe me, we will judge without any favoritism .. hehe =)

All the besttttt!!

Move onto Monu's blog to link enteries :) Here:  Meat Lovers Month ! HM Besties Event # 1

Updated = Result was announced on 6th November. Have a look here - Meat Lovers Month. Plz also refer to my Meat recipes pg for my meat recipes :)

Thanku for stopping by! Hope u enjoy this recipe :)


  1. thanks a lot haffa <3 lets move together ;)

  2. lovely event lovelies..will link in for sure..all the best

  3. linked my entries n following both of u in g+ fb pinterest n twitter

  4. Mashallah, good to see two of you have organized combine event.
    May you get many entries, all the best to both of you!

    Love & Hugs!

  5. Its nice to see you taking first step girls, good idea Will surely participate...:) Good Luck.

  6. following your blog, I will be happy if you follow my blog too

  7. Eid Mubarak

  8. lovely event dearies...have linked my recipes

  9. Great event...will link my entries soon

  10. Hi. Lovely event...will link my entry soon.. I would be happy if you visit and follow my space. Thank you

    1. Hi dear, thanxx :) Sure following u back =)





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