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Baking without Oven

How to bake without Oven? It has been the MOSTTT popular query now a days!! This post has been in drafts since a loooong time.... But I was so lazy to write until I promised one of my blog readers, that my next post will be baking without oven. So, I had to fulfill my promise now lol :P

I tried Chocolate Marble cake recipe without oven on stove-top, couple of months back.. and it was just PERFECT by grace of God!! Light, fluffy, with a beautiful texture as shown in pics. And the thing I love about baking without oven is that it takes less time compared to oven :)

Lets see how it goes :)

Things you need:

A rack
A deep steel pot with a lid
A medium sized pizza/cake pan
Any heavy weight


Step 1: First of all prepare the cake batter or pizza or any other baking recipe and place in the required baking pan, making sure that it fits your big pot :) Check my baking recipes HERE. I made medium sized Chocolate - marble cake without oven using this method.

Step 2: Now lets prepare our oven ;) Take a medium - sized deep empty, dry clean pot made of silver steel preferably & place a steel stand/rack in it.  P.S. The pot shouldn't be extra big. Or the cake won't bake properly.

Step 3: Next, cover the pot with a lid & preheat your pot on high heat for 10 minutes.

Step 4: Now, when your home made oven has got pre heated ;) open the lid VERY carefully with the help of kitchen towel, as the pot will be extremely hot both from inside & outside & place the cake/pizza pan on the rack carefully as shown. Make sure your hand doesn't touch any part of the HOT pot.

Step 5: Cover the lid after placing the cake/pizza pan & keep the heat high for 5 minutes.. and then lower the heat to medium & continue to bake for 20 minutes. Put a heavy weight on the pot while baking :)

Step 6: After 20 minutes check if the cake is done. Insert a skewer or knife to check & if it doesn't come out clean, close the lid again, and turn the heat high for 1-2 minutes to restore the lost heat & then to medium again for few more minutes until done.

Step 7: Remove the cake/pizza pan from the pot and allow it to cool.

Step 8: TaDaaaa.. You have got a perfect resulttt!! :)


- If u don't have a stand, place stones all over the base at least 3 inches high or place any other tin.. to allow circulate air in the pot  :)
- Whenever you open the pan during baking (due to excitement lol)  turn the heat high for 1-2 minutes to restore the lost heat & then to medium again for few more minutes until done.
- For larger sizes bakes, it might take bit more time & for small sized bakes, less time. Above method is for medium size.
- You can bake in a pressure cooker too, BUT without the whistle placed on the cover.
- Use a tight lid pan or place a heavy weight on the pot.. to avoid air entering into the pot.
- Do not leave the cake in the pan after baking, as the pan will be hot, and it might make the cake dry :)
- PLEASE be careful while baking without oven. Use gloves.
- You can make anyyy baking recipe using this method.
- Baking time may vary according to the recipe, density of the batter, size & kind of the pot etc. But mostly it takes half of the time that takes in oven.

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Thanku for stopping by! Hope u enjoy this recipe :)


  1. wow mashallah... haffa :) your cake is really looking awesome as you have baked in an oven.. such a wonderful post :) i am loving it wow :)

    1. Thanks Monu, yes this is a poerfectt method :)

  2. A very useful post...Your cake looks soo good!!

  3. def useful for those who want to bake ..

  4. That's fabulous! Great to know, and the cake looks terrific.

  5. Thanks alot for such a great recipe.

  6. you are awesome.:)

  7. You have explained it so well, I wish I could try my hands on this. unfortunately, I dont have a pan this deep so it would be difficult. But I have bookmarked the post, and will try very soon :)

    1. Thanks Nupur for ur sweet comment :) If u have a pressure cooker you can try in that too :)

  8. Thanx alot for steps but doesnt the pan burn without some water in it?

    1. No dear it didn't burn at all, except few spots which u can see in some of the pics, which I took while baking.. This pot was made of silver steel. Anything of aluminium might burn.

    2. These were too light and were removed by washing, as u can see the clean pot in first few pics, which I took after washing.

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