Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Magical drink for healing - Turmeric Milk

After a long longgg time.. Ahh... Yess.
Actually God blessed us with a baby doll MashaAllah on 3rd August. This kept me away from blogging.

Plus unluckily I am suffering from multipleeee postpartum complications and haven't recovered yet fully :(

So thought of  sharing this blog post lying on bed.. to kill my time... and that depressed feeling that I am no more active as before. Although my sis in law helped me in this little post too, due to my health :( I seriously need prayers!

I am taking turmeric milk daily twice/thrice to kill the infections & bacteria... as it has so many benefits, so thought of sharing this!!


Turmeric Milk

Turmeric milk, also known as Golden milk is a traditional drink with a lot of benefits. Turmeric is an important part of south Asian cuisine and used as a powerful medicine from centuries. Regular use of turmeric helps to improve our immunity, cure and prevent cancer, a beneficial spice for diabetic patients, medicine to regenerate damaged brain cells and used as a natural pain killer. Other than this, it has been used for flu, colds, sore throat, headache, joint pains, cure injuries and can prevent infection.
The use of cardamom and cinnamon with it, not only cancel out the sharp taste of turmeric but also increases the health benefits of this magical drink. Cinnamon is an anti-bacterial spice, helps to fight with harmful bacteria, improves blood circulation, control cholesterol and boost metabolism to reduce weight. On the other hand, cardamom is used for digestion problems, constipation, heartburn and acidity.

Turmeric Milk


Milk                              1 cup
Turmeric                       1/2 - 1 tsp
Cardamom                    1
Honey to taste
Cinnamon stick


Take one cup of milk in a sauce pan and place it on the stove. Add turmeric powder, cardamom, cinnamon stick in it and leave it on medium heat to boil. Then allow it to heat for two more minutes. Now turn off the heat and strain this turmeric milk in a cup, to remove cinnamon stick and cardamom. At the end add honey to sweeten it according to taste. Serve it hot.

Thanku for stopping by! Hope u enjoy this recipe :)


  1. superb ______it taste delicious with a pinch of cinnamon powder (Y)

  2. May Allah paak grant u health and shifa amen

  3. Congradulations! and hope Allah grants you a good health soon. Get well soon and Eid mubarak

  4. Congratulations and please take care of your health dear... God bless your family :)

  5. How are you dear now? Get well soon. Hope your baby is doing great.. Healthy Turmeric milk..

    1. Havent yet recovered.:( . Thanks for concern <3

  6. Thank you for the simple recipe!


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