Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Desi Spicy Burger

Burger| Shami kabab| Patties| Spicy burger| Home made burger|Snacks

Nothing beats home made burgers in a warm summer evening. They are much better than the ones on roads, and are way more tasty, delicious & tasty  to make with fresh ingredients & a variety of herbs & spices. They are one of the best alternatives to junk food. They are a more healthier & cheaper option than those unhealthy fat processed burger patties. All you require is to buy some freshly ground high quality beef from ur favorite butcher & to put in a bit of ur efforts to make Patties/Kebabs. These burgers serve as a wonderful snack, appetizer, fast food or lunch box recipes. They are mostly loved by the kids although I m also crazy about them :P Burgers are definitely a huge treat in my home. If u wish to know how to make a burger, follow the following instructions step by step:


Shami kabab (Patties)                       1
Burger bun                                         1
Onion                                                  1 (chopped)
Tomato                                               1 (chopped)
Ketchup                                              2tbsp.
Myonnaise                                          3 tbsp.Mixed with chopped cabbage & black pepper
Lettuce leaf                                         1 (optional)
Cheese slice                                      1 (optional)
Cucumber                                           Sliced
Egg                                                      1
Black pepper                                       1/5 tsp.
Salt                                                      1/5 tsp.
Red chili powder                                  1/5 tsp.

Burger| Shami kabab| Patties| Spicy burger| Home made burger|Snack


Heat the buns on both sides. Put a layer of ketchup on one and a layer of mayonnaise mixed with chopped cabbage on other. Then on one side put the Shami kabab, sliced cucumber, onion, tomato, a slice of cheese, lettuce leaf, or whatever combination u want. :) Beat the egg, add salt, pepper and red chili powder and fry it in the shape of omelette. And place it in the burger. Desi spicy burger is ready :) Enjoy with fries and drink.. yoo!!! 

Burger| Shami kabab| Patties| Spicy burger| Home made burger|Snacks

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