Sunday, 22 September 2013

Creamy Fruit Salad

Fruit salad| Salad| Banana| Apple| Grapes| Cream| Ramadan| Sweet

Salad is the most eaten item with any meal; be it breakfast, lunch or supper. Irrespective of season, salads can be served chilled or at room temperature, according to personal taste and liking. The ingredients of a typical salad may comprise only raw vegetables and/or fruits or boiled items. Salads can also be served with dressing & sauce. Salads can be served at any point during a meal; as appetizer, or with main course as a side dish, even as a main course or as dessert. 

The salad I am going to share today can be served as a side dish or as a dessert. If you are looking for a high fiber diet then the creamy fruit salad is the best option you would love to eat. Here is its simple recipe :)


Apple                                                1 medium sized (Diced)
Banana                                              2 cut into slices
Grapes                                              1 cup
Chilled cream                                     1 pack
Cornflour                                           1/4 tsp
Icing sugar                                         5 tbsp.


Cut bananas & apples into cubes, sprinkle 1 tbsp. icing sugar on them to prevent blackening and refrigerate them. In a bowl add corn flour, cream & remaining sugar. And mix them all with an electric beater until sugar dissolves and cream becomes frothy.. (yummmyyy :P ) Fold cream in the chilled fruits & serve :)

Fruit salad| Salad| Banana| Apple| Grapes| Cream| Ramadan| Sweet

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Haffa Bexi

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