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Fruit Custard (Trifle)

Custard is one of the simple, delicious, luscious, nutritious & easy desserts to make. I have added some fruit & cake in custard & hence named Trifle! Do try it guys! It turns out yummalicious!
A recipe loaded with flavors of fruits, mixed and nicely combined with milk, custard powder and nuts to give a smooth and attractive texture is a perfect dessert to attract kids. Esp, for naughty kids who don't drink milk or eat fruits. It is a perfect dish for vegetarian too, cox I prepare it without using eggs :) There are various ways to make the custard, and ingredients can be changed. Some of the combinations may include, cake, jelly, fruits, nuts, cake rusks, coffee, milk cream etc. 

Another variety which I have discussed is,

On diet, this also turns out to be a perfect dessert if we use no fat milk and those zero- calorie sugars :)  It turns out to be a cool refreshing lip smacking summer dessert with fresh fruits. Lets move on to the recipe:

Custard| Fruit Trifle| Sweet| Dessert| Cake| Milk| Rafhan custard


Custard powder                                               2 tbsp.

Sugar                                                               4 tbsp.
Milk                                                                 2 and 1/2 cups
Banana                                                             2 cut into small pieces
Apple                                                               2 Chopped
Plain cake                                                         8-10 pc
Crushed nuts                                                     Few


           Add 2 tbsp of custard powder in half cup milk and make a paste. Then add 4 tbsp of sugar in 2 cups of milk and bring to boil. Add custard paste to boiling milk and cook while stirring until texture is thick and smooth. Let it cool. (you can add cream for more taste & fat lol).

         Then place layers of cake, banana and apple one by one and pour custard in it.

         Refrigerate, garnish with crushed nuts and serve chilled :) you can garnish it with jelly too if u want :) Enjoy!!

Other varieties which I have discussed of custard are,

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