Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Tip # 7 - How to keep bananas fresh for longer?

Bananas mostly get wasted cox they become ripe in days. Lets see whats the tip to keep them fresh for longer :)

How to keep bananas fresh for longer|Reserve banana|Store bananas| Kitchen tip

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  1. Wow good to hear thanks for sharing dear

  2. keeping them in the fridge does keep them longer :)

  3. Very good tip dear.Sometimes the peel goes black and everyone don't want to eat the black banana ...hahahaha

    1. Thanxx Sathya! U r ryt :D When I was a kid I did the same Lol!

    2. The same happens at my home... i reserve them for making face masks but even I end up throwing due to the black skin!! Love your tips column!!

  4. yes but if you peel the black skin off the inside is perfectly white and fresh


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