Friday, 13 March 2015

Beans Salad

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Beans salad has been my favorite & time saving salad in the recent past for guests. I have boiled & frozen white chickpeas & red kidney beans pre - hand :) Lets move on to the recipe:


Red Kidney Beans                            1/4 cup (boiled)
White chickpeas                               1/4 cup (boiled)
Cabbage                                            1/4 cup (Chopped finely)
Raisins (Preferably black)                 Few          
Black Pepper                                     1/2 tsp.
Salt                                                    2 Pinches
Mayonnaise                                       10-12 tbsp. 


Mix all the above ingredients and enjoy the nutritious salad :) You can add more things if u want any! Its easy!

Thanku for stopping by! Hope u enjoy this recipe :)


  1. I love salads and have been experimenting with quite a few myself these days! Love this beans salad :)

  2. Lovely salad, love the creamy dressing. have a nice week end

  3. this is one of my favorite salads... got to make them over this week for sure...

  4. Wow.sounds simple nd luks nice nd creamy..

  5. Very easy and nutritious salad. Looks absolutely delicious


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