Saturday, 25 October 2014

Tip # 11 - How to peel ginger easily without wasting?

How to peel ginger easily?|Kitchen tips| Tips & Tricks

I feel so bad peeling ginger.. I used knife, but I always ended up half of it getting wasted :'( Until I tried it this way! Lets see whats the tip:

How to peel ginger easily?|Kitchen tips| Tips & Tricks

Thanku for stopping by! Hope u enjoy this recipe :)

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  1. Yaar seriously ye kaam mjsy b nhi hota.. I will try the spoon ;-) thanks for the tip sweety <3

  2. G'day! Great tip! Cheers! Joanne @ What's On The List

  3. nice and useful tip.. thanks for sharing..

  4. nice and useful tip... will try next time :)

  5. Nice may also use a knife....just scrape it with the knife...with the knife blade held at right angle to the ginger

    1. Thanx for ur comment.. I seriously feel difficulty wd this so I shared this one!


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