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Wedding Anniversary Cakes & Sweets - HM Besties Event # 2

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This is the second time I & Monu Teena of  Recipes Passion are hosting a combined event- "HM Besties Event Series". Actually this is our kind of event! We don't have any idea how this HOST system of blogging is all about.. so we thought of hosting it in our own way lol... In our 1st event which was "Meat Lovers Event", Monu was hosting this event, and now its my turn :)

As we had our wedding anniversaries in the previous months.. So we have decided to keep the theme of our event about it! Monnu celebrated her 4th wedding Anniversary on 25th September . And I celebrated my 2nd one a couple of days back.. on 3rd November Masha Allah. May God keep us both happy with our hubbiess :) We will call our event as " Wedding Anniversary Cakes & Sweets"Aim of this event is to share some healthy, finger licking and attractive recipes that Wives will love to make on their anniversaries :) Soooo.. Lets beginnn =) Hope we get a good response :)

Now lets discuss some RULES :)

This Event runs from 7th November to 30th November:)

* U have to link some special recipes related to wedding anniversary cakes and sweets. Plz see it shudn't be typical traditional or simple sweets :P

* All the entries must be linked to my this Event Announcement page - Haffa's Anniversary Cakes & sweets and Monu's Announcement Page with the post entry. This is COMPULSORY. Entry posted without our Announcement page link won't be accepted.

* Use of logo is not mandatory, but recommended :)

* Any number of entries allowed. At least 1 new entry is compulsory :)

* No compulsion of race, religion or country is applied for participation. Any one can participate :)

* Non- bloggers can also participate. All u have to do is to just send me ur Name, Recipe & its pic to my Facebook profile or my email ID -

* Follow me & Monu on facebook at Haffa's Kitchen Adventures & Other social networks of me are (TwitterPinterest, GFC) & of Monu are (TwitterPinterestGFC).

* 3 winners will be selected with the most attractive recipes by me & Monu lol :)  Believe me, we will judge with justice .. hehe =)

All the besttttt!!


Link ur entries here:

Round up of this event was posted on 1st December - HERE.

Thanku for visiting my blog :)

Linking to Beulah's Event


  1. Will link my entries soon! Happy hosting!

  2. thanks haffa for hosting my event this time :) Let us high our hope for great response :)

  3. I have a couple of drafts but no new recipe since I will have to wait till April... :( Can I link the old ones?

  4. Lovely event... Thanks for the invite. Will surely paricipate

  5. Lovely event!! looking forward for the recipes....

  6. Thank you dear for the invitation.......I did it......

    Fingers crossed........

  7. Will Link my entry soon :) All the best :)

  8. Hi Haffa,

    Greeting from Melbourne! I'm here from Monu's blog... Nice to know you!!! I'm now your blog follower and also like you at your FB. Hope that you will do the same for me too :D

    Thanks for organizing this event but sorry that I won't be cooking anything for wedding celebrations for this month :p


    1. Hi Zoe,

      Thanku soo much for ur sweet words, u can link back old recipes too :)


  9. Thanks for inviting us. We've never participated in a event of this kind. We'll read over the rules and, perhaps, pop back in with some recipes! Thanks for the thinking of us! :) Cheers! Gregg & Mae (the couple at My Wife's Muffin).

  10. I am thinking to avoid plenty of sweets at my wedding anniversary party at the best of Houston Wedding venues. Actually these are despised by most of the guests mostly. Instead of sweets, we add some new food item in our decided menu for this occasion.


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