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Chicken Karahi

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Chicken Kadai/ Karahi is one of the traditional Pakistani recipes! Lets move on to the recipe-

This recipe is the authentic one of chicken karahi! No onions used :) 


Chicken                                            500 gm (1/2 kg) 
Oil                                                    1 cup
Garlic Paste                                      2 tsp.
Ginger Paste                                     2 tsp.
Yogurt                                              1/2 cup
Tomatoes                                         5 - 6 medium, blended
Green chili                                       4 (Paste form)
Red Chili flakes                               1 tsp. crushed          
Cumin Seeds (Zeera)                       1 tsp. crushed
Coriander Seeds                               1 tsp. crushed
Fenugreek Leaves                            1 tsp.
Salt                                                   1 tsp.
Black pepper                                    1 tsp.
Turmeric powder                             1 tsp.
Coriander Leaves (dhanyia)            Few


Heat oil in a pan, and add chicken & fry on low-medium heat until it changes color and all its water has dried up.

Next add the ginger & garlic paste and all of the crushed spices (Cumin seeds, coriander seeds, black pepper, red chili flakes). Fry for few minutes.

Now add whipped yogurt, green chili, blended/chopped tomatoes & cook on high flame until all the water has dried & a paste has formed :)

Next add rest of the above mentioned spices (salt, turmeric, fenugreek leaves) & cover and cook until the meat has become tender for about 10 minutes & oil separated.

At end garnish with sliced ginger & coriander leaves.

Delicious & spicy Chicken Karahi is ready. Serve with naan or chapati or boil rice! :)

Thanku for stopping by! Hope u enjoy this recipe :)


  1. Ahhh! the dish took my breath away. Love those spicy flavors.

  2. Very tempting , will try it with your recipe too :)

  3. I have told this recipe to my mama; she'll be doing it soon... :)

    1. Thanks Arpita, I'll be glad if u share the results :)

  4. This looks really so tempting! Thanks for sharing...

  5. Nice one Haffa, i make kadahi paneer often, will try this version of yours for chicken too :)

  6. A very flavorful chicken karahi...Fabulous colour! Looks so tempting..

  7. Ahh that looks so delicious. I ordered Chicken Karahi with lot of excitement the other day in a restaurant and was so disappointed:( I wish they had something like what you have up in the bowl.

  8. looks mouthwatering it

  9. yummm, this I have to try !!! I spent 2 years in karachi and my hubby spent 7 long years doing his medicine there and this was one of your favorite dishes!! thanks for the recipe

  10. by the way is there an alternative for the fenugreek leaves.

    1. Umm, no alternativr.. u can simply skip it.. It just gives a nice aroma :)

  11. Looks yummy!! Thanks for sharing Haffa. I will try it and give you response soon... Because I love spicy food.

    1. Thanks Robbert :) I'll wait :) Best of luck

  12. This one looks exotic..but I do add onion when I make them..


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