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Flat Bread - Soft Chapati - Roti - Phulkas- Chapos

Flat Bread - Atta Flour - Chapati - Roti - Phulkas

Chapatis or flat bread - called roti in urdu/hindi is most popular in Asian countries. It is very versatile and can be used as a regular toast and it is a perfect accompaniment to any side dish or meal like chicken, pulses, meat, vegetables, curries. Etc. It can be made from various types of grain but most commonly made with finely ground whole wheat flour/white flour or mixture of both. To cook a soft chapati is also an art and comes by practice. The vitals considered mostly are its perfectly round shape, uniform thickness and properly cooked.
Chapatis can be reheated, but they are best cooked fresh. It can be served with any chutney or pickle. Here is its recipe:


Whole wheat flour                                 3 cups
Water (Luke warm)                               as required
Salt                                                        Pinch (Optional)

(Same recipe for plain flour)


Sift the flour in a bowl. Add luke warm water into the flour gradually and knead the dough. Knead it properly as long as you can to make it soft. It shud neither be too hard nor too soft. Remember water shud NOT be cold. Cover the dough for an hour or so. Chapatis will turn out better and dough will be easy to handle. Its better to refrigerate it for better results.

Dough, atta, roti, chapati

Divide the dough into small pieces as much u require, I take very little dough as I like small chapatis. Form a nice smooth ball.

Payra| Dough| Chapati

Start forming the chapati by pressing the dough between your hands and converting the ball into a circle. you can use flour ONLY if the dough sticks to ur hands. 

Then roll out the dough with the help of roll pin and make the chapati or roti as thin as possible (about a millimeter thin) and the circle should be of equal thickness. Turn sides and roll it. Dust out the extra flour by clapping the chapati between ur hands :P

Heat a pan or a tava and once its HOT properly, place the flat bread or roti on it. If the pan/tava will not be hot enough, the chapati might crisp out.

Place it for 15 seconds and then turn the side.

Turning it quickly will make your chapati/roti soft, Then turn over the side and cook until it changes color.

When it is about to cook, toast the chapati/roti on direct flame slowly from both sides.

The roti will bubble out. Make sure not to burn it. 

Keep it in a hot pot and serve with different meals :) <3

Other varities of parathas are :

Egg Paratha

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