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Bread dessert - Shahi Tukra - Royal Toast

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My lovely Readers! Today I am sharing a delicious recipe of Royal Dessert/ Shahi Tukra.  Give your bread a nice delicious different taste, that is not at all hard to make :) Its great at times when u r in hurry.

Bread dessert - Shahi Tukra - Royal Toast is a yummacious traditional dessert, made with deep fried bread, which is soaked in cardamom flavored, sweet condensed milk & garnished with finely sliced dry crunchy nuts & cream. It can be served both hot & cold, as one wishes. Sorry diet watchers, its not fr u, althu u can alter a few things, like u myt just toast the bread instead of deep frying for a lighter version lol :P This is one of the easiest ways to make Shahi Tukda.



Bread Slices                                                   8-10 
Sweetened Condensed Milk                          1 tin (397 gm)    
Milk                                                               1 liter
Cornflour                                                       1 tbsp.
Green cardamom (Choti Ilaychi)                   4 grinded
Dry nuts (Almonds, Pistachio)                      Few (Finely sliced)
Oil                                                                  2 wooden spoon
Saffron                                                           Few threads, Optional
Cream                                                            For garnishing, Optional


U can use leftover bread for this recipe.
First of all cut the slices of bread in triangle shape from center.

You can remove the edges of the bread if you wish.

Heat oil in a pan and fry the bread on medium flame, until both sides are brown and crispy.

Like this:

Remove and keep aside.

Meanwhile mix the condensed milk, cornflour and 1 liter milk in a pan and boil it.
Add cardamom powder and saffron (Optional) in it. Cook on medium flame until it thickens and reduces half its quantity.

Next arrange the bread slices in a dish & pour the thickened milk over it like this:

Refrigerate it for few hours until chilled.

Next carefully place them in the serving dish & top with finely sliced almonds/pistachio and cream if u want [Optional] :) Pour some thickened milk on its side and serve :)

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Thanku for stopping by! Hope u enjoy this recipe :)


  1. Shahi Turks r my favorite, lovely guest post....

  2. Thank you so much my frienduuuuu Haffa for being my Guest ~ Shahi Tukras turned out too good <3 Love ya a lot :*

  3. i have always wanted to make shahi tukda but the thought of deep frying makes me scared... hehe... looks so yum... would go to monu's space for the recipe...

    1. lol yea its a recipe u can make once in a blue moon llol :P By the way u can also shallow fry but it wont be that tasty! thanx fr ur comments!

  4. very very delicious and irresistible shahi tukra :) looks fantastic !!

    Plz visite my blog for more respies


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