Thursday, 29 January 2015

How to use Left-over Fish Batter (Fritters/Pakoras)

Mostly when we fry fish in gram flour batter.. the marinade is left behind.. and mostly it gets wasted.. Why not use them in making these yummmy pakoras/friiters!!!


Onion                                                 3-4 sliced finely
Potatoes                                             3-4 (peeled, chopped into cubes)
Left over fish fry batter                     
Oil                                                       For frying 


Mix all of the above ingredients and make sure the paste shouldn't be too thin or too thick. Heat oil on medium heat and pour a small scoop of mixture into the oil with hand or a tablespoon. Scoop 5-8 balls of the batter into the oil and let them cook.

Stir them around gradually and take them out when they turn golden brown.

Make sure oil is not too hot, otherwise potatoes will remain raw. Drain on tissue or a paper and serve hot! :) Different taste fritters/pakoras/bhajia are ready!!

Thanku for stopping by! Hope u enjoy this recipe :)


  1. Yes please to not wasting. Potatoes are my fav and I like what you did with them.

  2. thats great...yumm with imli sauce

  3. great way to use up left over batter. Enjoy your weekend

  4. crispy idea for saving leftover:)

  5. wow creative!..never thought of it..
    Please link your recipes to my event

  6. I like to play with potato through different recipe. You have invented a great way to avoid the left over batter. Nice post :)


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