Friday, 22 November 2013

Iceberg Salad

cucumber, olive, tomato, iceberg, parsley, lemon

Salad is a most popular, ready to eat side dish made of several ingredients. It is mostly served chilled or at room temperature. It has so many nutrients essential for our body like iron, proteins, minerals, vitamins, fibers. Most raw vegetables are really good for health. Because cooking destroys the real vitamins in them. It is one of the favorite dish for weight watchers!! Guess what?? A simple 1 cup green salad has ONLY 16 calories.. Oh my myyyy!!! Dieting is sooo easy with salads!! Yuppie ;) I love to have this refreshing salad, when I get weight conscious : ( Eating raw vegetables makes me feel very energetic. Mostly salads are made of raw vegetables but fruits & cooked things can also be used. Some salads are served with dressing & sauce. They can be served at any point during meal. Salad are of many types. Here is a easy to make, healthy, nutritious green salad. Iceberg Salad... This nutritious salad will not stay long in ur bowl :P Best served with rice!! Olives give them an unforgettable flavor!! Here is its simple quick recipe :)


Iceberg                                                1 bunch (Chopped)
Tomato                                                2 
Cucumber                                            1 peeled
Black Olives                                         6-7 deseeded
Green Olives                                         6-7 deseeded
Parsley/ Coriander leaves                      1 bunch (Chopped)
Lemon                                                  2 tbsp.
Olive Oil                                               2 tsp. (Optional)
Salt                                                       Pinch
Black Pepper                                        Pinch

cucumber, olive, tomato, iceberg, parsley, lemon


Cut tomato & cucumber in small lengths. Mix all the ingredients & serve :)
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