Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Milk Treasure (Sago, Tapioca pearls)

Sago or Tapioca pearls are made from the starch extracted from the center of the Sago palm stems and is used in making of various puddings or soups. This is an exceptional dish, that graces any formal and even informal occasions. Kids love eating sago due to the nice spongy pearl like appearance and love them biting while they slide off in their mouth. This dish is appealing and served warm or cold.

Almond| Milk| Pistachio| Sago| Sagoodana| Milk treasure

Milk treasure is made of Sago (sagodana) and hence named after its crystal shaped balls. This recipe is just soo yum! Give it a try. :)

 Note; this pudding tends to thicken as it cools, so u can add the milk to ur desired consistency. 


Milk                                                     1 cup
Sugar                                                   2 tbsp;
Almonds                                              4-5
Pistachio                                              4-5
Sago (Sagodana)                                 2 tbsp.

Almond| Milk| Pistachio| Sago| Sagoodana| Milk treasure


First of all boil Sago in water and drain. Then add it in boiling milk and cook until it is done. Add sugar. Let it cool, Add almonds and pistachio in a blender and blend. Pour in glasses and enjoy the Milk treasure :))

Thanku for stopping by! Hope u enjoy this recipe :)

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