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Vermicelli Pudding (Sawayio ka zarda)

Vermicelli (Wheat Noodles) Pudding is a very delicious, easy to make, quick sweet that u can make it in no time. This recipe uses vermicelli as its main ingredient. What u have to do is to only make sugar syrup and add vermicelli in it. Yess!! It's really thatt simple :) Vermicelli is a traditional type of pasta, made from semolina, and is known as Seviyan in Urdu and Hindi, and semiya in Tamil. Before I have told u some varieties of vermicelli like;

Sweet Colored Vermicelli
Sheer Khorma

This pudding is full of texture flavored of cardamom. U can also add nuts in it of ur desired choice.

Note: U can use the left over sugar syrup of Gulab Jamuns in it.

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Serves: 2-3


Water                                                              1 cup
Sugar                                                               1 cup

(Note: Instead of above u can use the leftover syrup of Gulab Jamuns)

Oil or butter                                                     2 tbsp.
Vermicelli                                                        100 gm
Cashew nuts                                                    Few crushed (10-15)
Almonds                                                          Few crushed (12)
Currants (kishmish)                                          10-15
Choti Ilaychi (Green cardamom pods)               6

Chawaray | currants |eid| dates | ilaychi | kishmish | milk | sawayia | vermicelli| Sheer Khorma| Desserts


Fry vermicelli along with crushed nuts until it turns bit golden brown or gives a pleasant fragrance.

Chawaray | currants | dates | ilaychi | kishmish | milk | sawayia | vermicelli| Sheer Khorma| Desserts

In an another pot pour 1 cup water & sugar & cardamom pods/powder and wait till it boils, and sugar is dissolved properly to form sugar syrup;

 (Note: U can use the leftover sugar syrup of Gulab Jamuns) 

Next add the roasted vermicelli & nuts in the sugar syrup and wait until vermicelli are cooked at low flame and all the water has evaporated. Cover the lid for 5 minutes. And it is readyy!!

Serve hot or refrigerate the vermicelli if u want. :) It tastes yummyyy!!

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