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Sweet Vermicelli (colored, sawayia)

Vermicelli /Seyvian/Semyia is a delicious and quick dessert. When u have nothing available in emergency, it will take few minutes to get ready. It is best served chilled but can also be served hot. Seviyan is an Urdu word. In Indian Cuisine it has come from Mughal period. In this recipe, colored vermicelli have been prepared in milk with dry fruits! This pudding is full of texture flavored of cardamom. U can also add nuts in it of ur desired choice. They are extremely nutritious. Vermicelli (Wheat Noodles) Pudding is a very delicious, easy to make, quick sweet that u can make it in very little time. This recipe uses vermicelli as its main essential ingredient. Vermicelli is a traditional type of pasta, made from semolina, and is known as Seviyan in Urdu and Hindi, and semiya in Tamil. Before I have told u some varieties of vermicelli like;

Sheer Khorma
Vermicelli Pudding/zarda

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Serves: 2-3


Milk (w/ sugar 8-10 tbsp.)                               3-4 cups
Oil                                                                   2 tbsp.
Vermicelli (colored)                                          50-75gm
Cashew nuts                                                     Few crushed
Almonds                                                           Few crushed
Chawaray (Dry dates)                                      1-2 chopped
Currants (kishmish)                                           5-6
Choti Ilaychi (Green cardamom pods)               4


Fry colored vermicelli along with crushed nuts until it turns bit golden brown or gives a pleasant fragrance. Next boil the milk & Pour them into the milk & let them boil until the vermicelli are cooked and eatable. Refrigerate the vermicelli and serve cold. :) It tastes yummyyy!!


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