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Bread Pudding (Halwa)

Bread Pudding| Halwa| Desserts & Sweets, double roti ka halwa

Halwas are the unique variety of desserts made traditionally with ghee (Clarified butter). The word Halwa has come from the Arab society. There are diversity of halwas in Pakistan, like Carrots halwa, Semolina halwa, Gram flour halwa,etc. 

But today I am going to discuss with rather a new variety of halwa i.e. Bread halwa/pudding is a mouth watering sweet dessert made of bread, sugar & milk, made at special occasion. It is also famous in British cuisine, Mexican and French cuisine too. Bread pudding is an old fashioned dessert and had its beginning in 13th century in England. 

It was even known as poor man's pudding, because it was made by stale leftover bread that was moistened by water and other ingredients like nuts, milk and eggs were added. 


It is also one of the best ways to use the left over bread. It can be served cold or warm, acc to one's taste buds. Here is its simple recipe :)

Bread Slices                                                   8-10 (crushed into pieces)
Eggs                                                               1     
Milk                                                               1 cup
Sugar                                                              6 tbsp.
Green cardamom (Choti Ilaychi)                   2
Crushed nuts & raisins                                   Few
Oil                                                                  2 wooden spoon

Bread Pudding| Halwa| Desserts & Sweets


Sweet/ Wheat/ Plain bread can be used to make this dessert. You can either use or discard the ends of the breads. I prefer using those cox the result is bit crispy with it. It tastes scrumptious & heavenly

In a bowl mix all the above mentioned ingredients properly except sugar & oil and set aside for 15-20 minutes. Heat oil in a pan add the mixed ingredients in it. Cook until most of the milk has dried out. Next add sugar and stir.

Cook for 30-45 minutes until it turns golden brown and dry & oil separates. Stir at intervals!

Decorate with crushed pistachios and cream. Serve!! :)

Bread Pudding| Halwa| Desserts & Sweets

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