Thursday, 24 October 2013

Half Fried Eggs

Eggs are those dishes that one can have in any way, it may be sweet or spicy. And there is no particular time or occasion to have it, whether it be breakfast; (Omelettes, half fry, hosh posh, boiled eggs etc). Or lunch, supper, or dinner like Egg curry, Fried egg rice, variety of salads or in sweets like cakes, cookies etc. They are one of the most commonly eaten food groups in the world. Eggs are rich in protein & calcium. Hence way healthy & nutritious than anything else especially for breakfast.

Today I am going to discuss with u how to half fry an egg! Flipping your fried eggs to stay away from the disturbing trauma that a burnt egg white & uncooked yolk can cause? Panic no more! There's nothing as marvelous as a perfectly fried egg -- and with a little practice, you'll rock! Here is the recipe:

Half fry eggs| Breakfast

Serves: 1


Eggs                                                        1
Salt                                                         1/4 tsp.
Black Pepper                                         1/4 tsp
Oil                                                         1 wooden spoon


Heat oil a non-stick pan on high flame. Crack in an egg gently making sure the yolk doesn't break. Turn the heat down. Then wait for the white of the egg to change color from transparent to white. Then spoon the hot oil over the yolk until a thin white layer forms. Season with salt & black pepper. Serve with bread & tea :)

Tip: Use refrigerated eggs to avoid egg yolk from breaking. Non refrigerated one's tend to break more as compared to others.

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