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Spicy French Toast

Sometimes you get bored with the normal french toast. To give ur taste buds a soothing effect, u can sometimes give a twist to french toast & make this spicy version of french toast, which is really easy to cook. Believe me ur taste buds will dance after having them :P This unique french toast is a healthy, tasty & filling breakfast. In this recipe, a selection of spices have been added into a beaten egg, and then the bread is dipped in it & fried :) It is best served with mayonnaise. Can be served with maple syrup too. 

Spicy French toast is basically a savory dish of bread soaked in eggs & then toasted in a frying pan. It works best with a day or two slightly stale hard bread, sliced thickly, because it holds together best. Thin slices of bread or fresh bread, falls apart and break into pieces when soaked in the egg milk batter. French toast is a common breakfast dish, that almost everyone should learn how to make. Here is the simple recipe:

Spicy French Toast| Breakfast| Eggs

Serves: 1


Eggs (Lightly Beaten)                               1
Salt                                                         Pinch
Red Chili powder                                    Pinch
Green Chili                                              1 chopped
Coriander leaves                                      Few
Milk                                                        2 tbsp
Oil                                                           3 tbsp.
Bread                                                      2 slices
Garlic Paste                                             Pinch (optional)

Spicy French Toast| Breakfast| Eggs


Add salt, green & red chili powder in 2 tsp milk in a bit broad flat dish. Mix well & then add beaten egg.

Beat it well, dip both sides of bread slices in it & fry in medium heated oil, to prevent burning. Fry until golden brown from both sides.

Serve with mayonnaise & hot tea! :)

Note: It is best to be used butter, instead of cooking oil to give it a yummacious healthy taste.
You can adjust the spices according to your taste.
You can add turmeric powder to give it a nice color.
You can use spinach leaves in addition to coriander leaves.
Onion give it a nice taste but they are not necessary.

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