Thursday, 31 October 2013

Fresh Salad

Onion, Tomato, Cabbage, Capsicum, salad
Salad is a most popular item on the dining table in any society. Salads are healthy, satisfying meals on their own and are a perfect accompaniments to main dishes. Whether served chilled or at room temperature it is must eat article irrespective of meal timings. It has many nutrients that are necessary for our body; e.g, iron, proteins, minerals, vitamins, fibers. Many raw vegetables are really good for health. Because cooking destroys some of the real vitamins in them. If you are a weight watcher, you would love to spend the entire day eating only salads!!
Guess what?? A simple 1 cup green salad has ONLY 16 calories.. Oh my myyyy!!! Dieting is sooo easy with salads!! Yuppie ;). I love to have salads, when I become weight conscious : ( Eating raw vegetables makes me feel very enthusiastic & energetic. The ingredients of a typical salad may comprise only raw vegetables and/or fruits or boiled items. Salads can also be served with dressing & sauce. Here is the simplest form of salad one can have, no cooking required at all. Just get hold of a few fresh veggies and its ready to be served with any sort of meal. Simple, healthy, ready to eat side dish with routine meals. Also used as filler in sandwiches.

Simple salad :)

Cucumber sliced
Tomato chopped 
Cabbage chopped

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  1. plz also upload the recipe of fruit salad also........


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