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2 minute Chocolate Chip Cookie

Baking is in now a days. But it can be hectic at times especially if the oven is not available or the only oven with u is a microwave.  In this busy world, u don't want to spend much of the time in the kitchen waiting for cakes n cookies to get baked. Chocolate chip cookie is a super quick dessert & there is no need to bake it for hours. When I had it for the first time I could barely believe that it has not been baked. Lol. It is a cookie that kids will love to have & so easy to make that they can even make it themselves.

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Chocolate chip cookie is one of the microwave oven all time favorite recipes & can be cooked in almost no time. It actually takes 2 minutes in microwave oven!! Yeshhhh.. The preparation is beyond easy. Just give it a try :)

Serves: 1


Here are the ingredients for the recipe :)

Unsalted Butter                                                2 tbsp.

White granulated Sugar                                    1 1/2 tbsp.
Brown Sugar                                                   1 1/2 tbsp.
Egg                                                                 2 tbsp.
Vanilla Essence                                               1/4 tsp.
Flour                                                               5 tbsp.
Baking Soda                                                   1/4 tsp.
Salt                                                                 Pinch
Chocolate Chips                                             1/4 cup

Mix all the above ingredients in a bowl and keep it in microwave oven for 2 minutes. And the delicious cookie is ready. You can have it with vanilla Ice cream if u want :)

Tip: If u don't get chocolate chips, don't worry, just chop the dark chocolate of ur choice into small pieces & add.

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  1. Hey dear whats special in Eid at your side? have you decided any menu yet ? :)

    1. This is Eid ul Azha.. so animals are slaughtered at this eid.. Will post recipes soon In sha Allah of different dishes of mutton :) on Eid ul Fitar we make some sweet dishes like vermicelli :)

  2. U added 2T of egg only?

    1. Flour is 5 tbsp only so acc to it

    2. And how big or small this cookie be??

    3. I just made it and it turned out great...just wanted to make sure this cookie remains soft after 2 min of cooking and gets crispy when cooled down..anyways fantastic recpie...

    4. Cookie is medium size one lol.. and thanx for feedback dear.. if u have pic send me pic on my fb pg plz.. secondly all the microwave bakes mostly turn hard when cool down so no need to worry :)

    5. I didn't knew about that...and sadly didnt have pic of cookie as i needed to use it for twix icecream cake after crushing it


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