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Mince balls

Mince| Chicken| Meat| Mutton| Bread| Egg| Mince balls

Minced meat also called ground meat, is mostly cooked with peas and potatoes. It is one of the most popular and scrumptious non- vegetarian recipe all over the world. It is best served with naan/roti/plain basmati rice/chapati. The mince curry made has a splendid texture, when cooked with spices & ginger garlic paste. Kids or old loved ones who can't chew the meat pieces, mince is the best alternative for them.

Today I have used the leftover mince in making easy mince balls by bread.
Now lets proceed to its detailed recipe :)


Chicken Mince                                   1 bowl
Coriander Leaves (dhanyia)                Few chopped
Bread                                                 8-10 slices
Beaten Egg                                         For Frying
Bread Crumbs                                    For frying
Oil                                                      For frying 

Mince| Chicken| Meat| Mutton| Bread| Egg| Mince balls


Take a slice of bread; soak it in water and immediately take it out and drain its water by pressing very gently between your hands. Then take some mince, place it in the center of the bread and mold it in the form of a ball very very gently. You will end up into 10-12 mince balls. Its really easy. (You can also freeze them for future use :) ) When ready heat some oil, coat your mince balls first with the egg and then bread crumbs and fry on medium heat. Take them out when they turn into light golden brown. Delicious mince balls are readyy!!! :) Serve them with any chutney/ketchup or raita, whatever you like :)

Mince| Chicken| Meat| Mutton| Bread| Egg| Mince balls

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Mince can be used in variety of dishes like,


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