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Tamarind Sauce (Imli ki chutney)

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Tamarind is an edible, pod like fruit, which are used extensively in all the cuisines throughout the world. It seems to be sour but it is often used as a component of savoury dishes and even as a pickling agent. It is used in desserts, jams, drinks, juices. It is used to make a chutney that is a great dip for samosas and is also integral ingredient in chaat and dahi baray <3 This exotic chutney is a great condiment in Paki cuisine.It can be called the Ketchup of the East. It is also known as saunth chutney in India. It has the sourness of tamarind seeds, balanced with the sweetness of jiggery and the earthiness of dried ginger and mild hotness coming from red chilli and cumin seeds :) u can store it in an air tight container and use it for months. Here goes the recipe :

Tamarind Sauce:


(Tamarind Juice) Imli ka ras                1 cup (after keeping the tamarind seeds soaked overnight)
Red Chili powder                               1 tsp.           
Salt                                                    ½ tsp.
Cumin Powder (Zeera)                       1 tsp.
Chaat Masaala                                    1/2 tsp.
Brown Sugar                                       1/2 cup
Oregano Seeds (Ajwain)                     1/2 tsp
Dried Ginger (Saunth)                          1/4 tsp


Mix all the above ingredients in a pan and cook on medium flame for 5-8 minutes. Cool it and refrigerate in a jar :) It tastes great!!

P.S. I mostly use it in Chick peas & Gram flour fritters with yogurt.


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Haffa Bexi

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