Thursday, 15 August 2013

Semolina Pudding (Sooji ki kheer)

This recipe is just soo simple n tasty that u won’t believe. It’s a good one to win hearts of ur hubby lol :P (not kidding :D )

Semolina called sooji in Urdu, can be used in variety of ways. Like making halwa, pudding/kheer etc. It can be served at parties, Eid etc. Semolina Pudding is a traditional German type dessert that your kids will love to have!! Milk is boiled and semolina + sugar is added. Cardamom can be added for flavor. Sugar can be adjusted according to ur flavor. It is a porridge type pudding. It is good for babies who are being introduced to food, because it is easy to swallow and digest. Best recipe for working ladies, because it is a quick and easy recipe.

Semolina in India, also known as Bombay rava, which is coarse and purified wheat middlings of wheat used in making pasta used in breakfast and cereals.
  Here goes the recipe - 

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Serves: 1-2


Boiled Milk                                          1 cup
Fine Sooji (semolina)                           1 heaped tbsp. mixed in some milk to form a paste
Sugar                                                    2-3 tbsp.
Red food color/ Rooh afza                   A few drops
Vanilla Ice cream                                  1 scoop
Crushed Nuts                                        Few
Choti Ilaychi (Green cardamom pods)    2                       



Add sugar, few crushed nuts & cardamom pods in milk and bring it to boil. Add few drops of food color to give it a nice pink color. Then add the semolina (sooji) mixture slowly to the boiled milk and cook on low flame until thick. It will take about 10 min. You can add more semolina, if u prefer to make the pudding thick. Turn off the heat. Add the vanilla ice cream in the mixture and stir slowly until it has melted. Pour it into the serving bowls, garnish with nuts and allow to cool. Refrigerate until cold and serve. :)

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