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Layered Parathas/ Fried Chapatis/ Fried Flat Bread

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They say breakfast should be the heaviest meal of the day, giving u a boost of energy at the very start of a day. If u wanna follow these nutritionists “Paratha” is the best thing to have in the morning.  Fried Chapatis or flat bread called Paratha in Urdu, is an important part of traditional South Asian breakfast. It can be made of wheat flour / white flour or mixture of both. You can have it with any side dish u want, or with simple omelette, tea/ Pickle. So if u want any change from normal routine try this!! :) Traditionally it is made from ghee, but oil can also be used. Here is the recipe.


For dough:

Whole Wheat flour                                 3 cups
Water (Luke warm)                                As required
Salt                                                          Pinch 
Oil/ Butter/ Ghee


First of all knead the dough as for chapatis.

Paratha/ Chapati/ Flat bread| Flour

 Next take some dough in hand and with the help of some flour shape it round. 

With the help of hand make it flat & round shaped & sprinkle some salt & oil/butter/ghee on it. 

Then roll it in snake like shape- as shown below & stretch it out a bit, making sure it doesn't tear. The longer u can make it, the more layers u will get in paratha/chapati.. yummm :P

Paratha/ Chapati/ Flat bread| Flour

Now start rolling the stretched out piece of dough from one end to another in a round shape,tucking the end in middle, like this:

Paratha/ Chapati/ Flat bread| Flour

Then roll out this peras/ ball into a small circle like this:

Paratha/ Chapati/ Flat bread| Flour

Spread some flour on the surface while rolling so that the dough doesn't stick to surface. Roll it out gently into the required size & dust out any extra flour by turning it between your hands. Place it on heated HOT flat pan/tawa. 

Let it cook for 15 seconds and then turn the side.

Turning it quickly will make your chapati/paratha soft, turn again after 15 sec & sprinkle 2-3 tbsp oil/butter on the flat bread/paratha.

Flip the paratha onto the other side after a minute or so. Then spread oil/butter on the other side too. Let the paratha on tava/ pan for few more minutes on medium- high heat until it turns out golden, yummy & crispy. Drain on tissue/ paper. Keep them in hot pot or covered with a plate to keep them soft if u are not serving on the spot.

Bread & Buns, Breakfast, Paratha, chapati, Flat Bread,

 Serve with hot tea & pickle <3 :)

They are mostly round in shape. But for a change you can make them square/ triangle shaped as discussed before :) kids will enjoy it :)

Other varities of parathas are :

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