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Pom - Banana Smoothie

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The delicious recipe which I have sent to Monu is a smoothie :) Pom - Banana Smoothie. It consists of pomegranate, banana and nuts and of course milk :) A smoothie is a sweetened and a great beverage made from really fresh fruits and in some cases can contain chocolate, maple syrup & peanut butter. In addition to fresh fruits, many smoothies contain crushed ice, yogurt, milk, ice cream, frozen fruit, honey, cream, nuts or can also contain ice ingredients & syrup. They have actually  milk-shake like consistency which is much thicker than slush drinks.

Pom banana Smoothie is naturally sweet and has unique characteristic taste. Pomegranate & banana, creamy yogurt give it a rounded flavor. This POM smoothie is full of super healthy antioxidants that come from pomegranate juice and of course the nuts. Banana provides a great source of Potassium. It is actually a breakfast smoothie, but it can be served for a lunch smoothie either. 

Serves: 2


Milk                                                     1/2 cup
Sugar                                                    2 tbsp.
Banana                                                 1 frozen
Pomegranate seeds                               1 Pomegranate, peeled
Crushed Almonds                                 1 tbsp
Ice cubes                                              1/4 cup 

Banana Slice                                         For Garnishing


Put all the above ingredients in a blender and blend. Pour in glasses and garnish with pom on top and banana slice. Enjoyy!! 

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