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Milky Carrot + Rice Dessert (Gajar ki kheer)

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Carrots are one of the healthy vegetables and can be served in variety of ways. Both as sweets & savory. It can be eaten both as raw or cooked. It is also well known among kids due to Big Bunny :P Carrots are also rich in anti-oxidant compounds. They are also especially beneficial for eye-sight.

Carrot Kheer is a traditional Pakistani/Indian dessert, made with milk, rice, sugar, dry fruits & saffron. In South India it is called as Payasam. This sweet dish is one of the easiest and quickest dessert. It is one of the way to make ur kids eat vegetables :P What u have to do is to boil milk, add carrots and rice, and cook and cook and u r doneee!! It makes a healthy and delicious dessert because it contains milk & carrots rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins, calcium and many other nutrients. It is delectable, creamy dessert. It is essential dessert at many festivals. Kheer is derived from a word that means milk. This kheer is best enjoyed when served chilled. 

Its just soo simple. U can have it at festivals like Eid, and for guests at lunch/dinner parties. Here is its detailed recipe:


Carrots                                                           2 big peeled, washed, grated
Rice Flour                                                       1/2 cup
Full Cream Milk                                              1 1/2 liter
Sugar                                                             1 cup
Green cardamom (Choti Ilaychi)                    2-4
Crushed nuts                                                 3-4 tbsp.
Butter                                                             2 tbsp.
Nido Powder                                                  4-5 tbsp.

carrot pudding | gajar ki kheer | desserts | Sweets


Boil milk in a pan with cardamom powder and then add carrots & rice flour in it. Cook on medium flame until carrots are cooked. It will take appox. 20 - 30 minutes.Stir at intervals.

Then add sugar, nuts & milk powder in it.

Cook for few more minutes. When it thickens slightly, turn the flame off.

Decorate with crushed nuts. Serve cold !! :)



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